Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas: Part 3 ... finally

Now that it is nearly February, how about a nice Christmas recap?
I will basically offer narration for these photos because it was so long ago I can't remember anything that happened.
We celebrated it as a family of four.
Which was kinda perfect.
It was also a little bit sad.
For me.
The kids seemed just fine as they manically tore through their presents like a bunch of loons.
I tried to slow down the madness, but Christmas was over 12.6 seconds after it started.
And then they played ... all day.
In peace.
It was a Christmas miracle.
In fact, they played with their new toys for three days straight, and then they remembered how annoying they find each other and how boring their lives are, and just like that, the holiday magic was gone.
Oh well. It was special while it lasted.
And Santa did an exceptional job with the presents this year.
And by Santa, I absolutely mean me. *shoots a finger gun at myself in mirror*
It was fun to see them so happy, so wide-eyed and, well, child-like.
I always worry that they lost a bit of that a little too early.
But then I see it, and I feel a sense of relief.
Like they can still look back on their childhood with fondness and contentment, and feel like it was good and see how hard I tried to make it filled with love and stability.
I find myself struggling sometimes with feeling like they are getting gypped (but not in the racist way that stems from nomadic 'gypsies' who are stereotyped as thieving criminals) just that they somehow got burned.
Anyway, I am just feeling sentimental because we are reaching the big year mark and I find myself more tired and thoughtful and cheerless.
And on that pleasant note, let's check out a few random pictures ...
^^ Santa brought Ryan a tracing light box. It's the best and she loves it. It offer hours and hours of silent drawing. Score. ^^
^^ We need to work on Micah's 'natural' smile. It is kinda strained. ^^
^^ Nice. ^^
^^ No, Ezra is not training to be a Chippendale's dancer. Yes, he did insist on wearing this new vest sans shirt ALL DAY. ^^
^^ The aftermath. Micah is hiding behind the marble run. ^^
I have been overtired and am still adjusting to my new schedule (read: frenzied pace) but am hoping to begin regularly blogging again.
And I have thoughts on the upcoming "anniversary" (for lack of a better word) of Scott's passing that I will over-share soon.
I need to get them written down and off my small chest.
Until then ...


  1. It looks like you seriously nailed Christmas. Me, on the otherhand, hate all the toys I got the kids and want to throw them away. Who knew roller skates could be soooo loud!?

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts! Your life seems way more adventurous than mine:-)