Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My super awesome life

In the last three weeks I have been spending a lot of time in one of these:
^^ Well, I haven't been spending time in this bathroom. If I had a bathroom that looked like this I wouldn't even need the rest of the house. I would make a "Girls Only" sign for the door, create a cozy little nest in the shower, become a recluse, grow out my nails Howard Hughes-style, watch movies in the nude, and never leave. ^^ 
Trying to convince Micah that this is part of God's plan:
^^ Have you read this book? It's gross. ^^
And when I wasn't being the potty cleaner-upper whisperer, I was trying to stifle my disdain for handling human poo by unlocking my inner tranquility in an aerial yoga studio.
I learned that I am very inflexible and have poor bladder control.
I also learned that one does not unlock anything doing aerial yoga except an overpowering need to giggle loudly in a quiet gym when everyone else looks like this :

And I look like this:
^^ Flattering, no? This is a real picture of me at Bounce Gymnastics. ^^
And yes, it echoed.
Meanwhile, when I wasn't embarrassing myself in front of a lot of limber ladies, I was watching The Bachelor.
Because it is a sophisticated show.
And I need to get some applicable dating tips for my life.
^^ I predict Chris will pick Becca. You heard it here first. ^^
Which means that I was not getting enough of this:
^^ This baby is so cute I could just eat him. ^^

And then after being completely exhausted, it was my birthday!
I turned 33 this year and I am hoping it is my best year yet.
I certainly think it will beat last year.
32 blew.
And to ring in another year of ME, my family got me an ice cream cake (my favorite kind of cake):

And we listened to Backstreet Boys:
^^ Kevin was always my fav (second from the right). ^^
And Ace of Base.
I knew every song.
And then I thought about tattoos.
And what I want my next one to look like.
Because I am a rebel at heart.

And then I realized that I hadn't blogged in three weeks.
Because I was too busy watching quality television and stuffing my face with a slabs of layered ice cream. 


  1. Sounds like an amazing 3 weeks. Ice cream cake is the best cake and I'm way into the bachelor. That tattoo looks awesome and I love your rebellion.

  2. I love your rebellion and I love your posts they always with out fail make me laugh. You are one strong lady. Keep it up and keep sharing to help those of us who might need a little boost every once in a while.