Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Micah is thrrreeee and my life has been shortened by at least a decade

Micah is THREE!
Unbeknownst to him, we celebrated a day early.
Of course, he doesn't really know anything in general so ... there you go.
Anyway, back to him being three.
How he survived this long is beyond me.
He has no sense of self-preservation and gets into all kinds of trouble.
Scott used to say if he weren't so adorably handsome we would have dropped him off at the fire station.
And then run away.
Because he is a maniac.
As I have mentioned in every single sentence ever written about him, he is very naughty busy.
Being his mother is exhausting.
I am stressed out just thinking about what will happen when he wakes up tomorrow.
He is quite bright and can navigate my new iPad better than I can.
And he loves cheese.
With all his three-year-old heart, he loves cheese.
He is very stubborn, which he inherited entirely from his father.
I am not that way at all. I am also telling the truth.
He is against using the toilet.
In fact, whatever the opposite of potty training is, that is what we are doing.
Un-potty training? Reverse-potty training?
He has mastered reverse-potty training and will, without regard, pee in every pair of miniature underpants you throw on him in record time.
So that is a fun little tidbit to remember.
He is however, my snugly-est baby and is definitely a momma's boy.
And not by default. He was that way before we lost Scott.
He is also the one that looks the most like me, so he is therefore my favorite for that reason.
Just kidding. I'm not.
He enjoys playing dress up (particularly tutus and necklaces; his father would be thrilled).
And he loves to watch music videos.
His favorites are Katy Perry and the a Capella group Pentatonix.
And a little Pharrell, just for versatility sake.
He can sing along with them all.
He is shy and takes a while to warm up to people.
And by warm up, I mean stop shooting you indignant looks and crack half a smile.
He loves church (and wetting his pants at church) and looks forward to it all week.
He also loves Ryan.
He cannot get enough of his big sister.
He follows her around relentlessly and/or asks where she is so he can follow her around.
It is sweet.
In fact, he is sweet.
He is intense and I love him so much I can barely stand it.
And now for 89 pictures.
^^ Showing us how old he is. ^^ 
^^ You cannot fake this kind of enthusiasm. ^^
^^ A manic grin as candle Number 2 is lit. ^^
^^ The center of attention as the he listens to his birthday song. ^^
^^ Blowing out his candles. Very gently. ^^ 
^^ I am not sure what this smirk is. I, however, look amazing. And so young. ^^
^^ With some of his spoils: a bubble gun and a Harley. What more could a man desire?^^
Happy birthday to my baby.
I love you, Micah.


  1. Micah is the CUUUTEST! His attitude reminds me of Olive who has also shortened my life and quadrupled my gray hairs. I think the extra naughty ones are also the cutest. It's not by accident.

  2. Shut up. He is not three. I can't handle it. You look AMAZING.Miss you!

  3. No wonder he has your whole heart! He is adorable and handsome and does look a lot like you! Thanks for the post! I have been thinking about you!