Monday, June 9, 2014

Sometimes I ...

^^ Taken exactly a year ago at the splash pad in Olympia. I miss him so bad it hurts. ^^
Sometimes I ... don't go outside at all during an entire day.
And my parents' house is 1,100 square feet. WTH?

Sometimes I ...entertain the idea of moving to the Midwest (where the cost of living is dirt cheap) and becoming a bank teller, planting a garden, getting a cat, and raising my kids in a sleepy, wholesome American town.
Then I stop hallucinating and start focusing on things that aren't ludicrous.

Sometimes I ... turn on One Direction even when my kids aren't around.
Their songs are kinda catchy, okay? Geeze.

Sometimes I ... stand squarely facing our family photo and line myself up in front of Scott so that it looks as if he is staring directly at me.
Then I talk to him about our kids and about how my life is in shambles.

Sometimes I ... shower.
But not normally.
Showering is for sissies.

Sometimes I ... reread the entire Little House on the Prairie series instead of the newest, coolest adult novel like a grown-up.
Though I do want to read The Fault of Our Stars, which is about dying kids.
Which is probably the worst idea.

Sometimes I ... visualize the inside of my friends' houses and then mentally redecorate them in order to put myself to sleep.

Sometimes I ... eat Oreos when I am having a "fat" day.
It may seem counterproductive but, well, it is.

Sometimes I ... pretend I can't hear my kids fighting so that I don't have to "follow through" with some threat I made earlier that day.

Sometimes I ... talk my way through dinner preparation as if I were on a cooking show.
In an English accent.
Which sounds very realistic.

^^ A car selfie taken last June. My Ezzy looks so little. I look like the same mustached man I am today. ^^
^^ A peek at Ryan's new bed. I found it on Craigslist and am in love. I just want to rub my face all over it. Their little room is taking a much more Scandinavian-inspired turn and I'm really excited. Lots of white and other neutrals.  ^^ 

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  1. Ryan's new bed is so awesome! When are you coming to Idaho? I can't wait to see you. I totally agree showering is for sissies. I often ignore my kids fighting just to avoid it in general. I'm sorry about Scott!