Monday, June 2, 2014

This weekend was sorta productive

So this weekend my sister and I saw each other for the first time in weeks.
I had nearly forgotten what she looked like.
After we were reacquainted, we launched into our Saturday lineup.
Our plan was to pump out a large number of crafts while our children all played harmoniously together without fighting.
Eight hours later, we had finished two projects each.
Projects, that had we worked on uninterrupted, would have only taken 30 minutes. Total.
And everyone had been fighting.
In between settling arguments, feeding kids, changing diapers, and then feeding the same kids five more times, we managed to eek out a few little things.
If I am being completely honest about my expectations, I would say it was a success.
The fact that we accomplished anything at all is a Christmas miracle.
Also, in other important news, Ezra started riding his bike sans training wheels!
He has been emotionally working up to this for some time.
The Great Fall of 2011 was a huge stumbling block. (He fell from his bike into a patch of grass, and his confidence was shattered. He wouldn't go near his bike for months. He is a touch dramatic. I have no idea where he gets that).
So needless to say, he had a lot to overcome.
But he has now joined the rest of the children of the world and can ride a two-wheeler.
And sometimes he can turn! And stop without hitting the curb first!
It is very exciting.
^^ A growth chart. To chart my kids' growth. I have now made two of these.
(Amy, I am giving you the other one, if you still want it) ^^
^^ A close up. Like the fancy DIY blogs do. ^^
^^ This is the tooth pillow. It has a little pocket on the back to hold a lost tooth. So the tooth fairy doesn't have to, say, crawl around on the ground under the bed looking for the world's smallest tooth in the pitch black night. ^^
^^ My dad is so cute. ^^
^^ There he is! Ezzy riding the teeniest circus bike. He has a larger one, but we aren't quite ready for that jelly. Baby steps. ^^
^^ Watching his big bro from the plasma car. You should see him careen down the driveway on that thing a million miles a hour only to stop on a dime right before the street. ^^


  1. Way to go Ezra! Hazel still isn't there. Not that we've been trying much..because we haven't. I love your crafts! Super cute!!!

  2. Way to go Ezra -- congratulations!! I love the tooth fairy pillow as well!!

  3. Love, love, love the crafts! I need to make my own of both! Way cute! Check out balance bikes. I got one for Jace. He cruzes all over on it, loves it!