Friday, May 30, 2014

Taking stock

I have seen this little list on a few of my favorite blogs.
Which means I must do it too.
I thought it might be fun to look back on and take inventory of where I am at right now.
Or even better, I could encourage all my peeps to do it too and then it will be like one of those dreadful, obligatory chain letters that make everyone involved uncomfortable and wish they weren't friends with you.
Or you could just leave me the answer to one of the verbs listed below in the Comments section.
Because I think everyone likes talking about themselves a little. 
Just me?
^^ Hair like this? ^^
 Making: pom-pom bunting for the empty wall in the kids' room. Because I am Mormon and must craft. It is mandatory.
Cooking: homemade chicken taquitos, which Micah literally gagged on. I love cooking for my kids. It is really gratifying.
Drinking: more water. I am putting down the Dr. Pepper and backing away slowly.
Reading: the Book of Mark in the Bible. And Dwell magazine. They are both scripture to me.
Wanting: for my hair to grow. I am ready for something new. I am thinking a piecey bob a la Jennifer Lawrence.
Looking: forward to my mini vacay with my three to Idaho this summer. I am on a budget.
Playing: baseball with Ezra in the backyard. I am always the pitcher, he is always up to bat. It's fun.
Wasting: a little less time on the computer. I just whip out my Kindle instead. #loophole
Sewing: a tooth fairy pillow, because where else could you possibly put your lost tooth? 
Wishing: for summer love. I think it is nice to be in love in the summer.
Enjoying: throwing my window open at night. A cool breezy breeze wafting in while being snugly under your covers is a bliss like no other.  
Waiting: for my Dad and Heather to leave for work so I can lay back down like a lazy piece of crap. I am not a morning person.
Liking: English muffins for breakfast. I always considered myself to be more of a cereal person but those spongyporous little treats have transformed my mornings for realzies. 
Wondering: when my nose piercing will be properly healed so I can switch my stud out for a ring. #rebel
Loving: T25. Seriously so hard. And fast. And short. twss.

^^ Nose ring here I come. ^^
Hoping: to ace this GRE. I am so effing stressed. Perhaps it would help to study?
Marveling: at my kids. It is like they are little people. With their own minds and opinions. Weird.
Needing: a shoulder massage. Scott's love language was massage and so we exchanged them all the time. I never realized how much I liked them until I stopped getting them. 
Smelling: cilantro. Every time I go to the grocery store, I bury my face in the cilantro and rub it around so I can properly smell that delicious herb.
Wearing: my new boyfriend jeans. They are perfectly worn and ripped in all the right places. And oh so comfy.
Following: Emily Henderson. She is my design idol. Her taste is impeccable. If my decorating style were a person, it would be her.
Noticing: that my eyebrows are quite thick and close together. I think I look like my brother Bryce, who is very handsome but is also a dude. 
Knowing: that life moves on. I have faith that my situation will improve with a little time and effort.
Thinking: about summer activities to keep my maniacs busy and happy. Sitting around breathing on each other (which is what we do during the school year) will not fly.
Bookmarking: DIY toddler bed projects. I cannot find what I want on Craigslist. So the next logical step is to build it myself.
Opening: two packages sent to me in the mail by dear friends. I feel blessed to know so many incredible ladies.
Giggling: when I overheard, and I quote, "Ezra, you are just getting too big. You are so grown up. Look how tall you are. You must stop growing so fast. Maybe you should drink some coffee and smoke a pack of cigarettes." #parentingwin
Feeling: like Micah needs to be potty trained STAT. How can such a small person produce such a large ... payload?

Now, pick one and let me know what you are up to.
I command you.
Okay I don't command you.


  1. Eating: I don't think you put this on there, but I am eating right now and enjoying every minute of it. I am eating chips and queso dip from Qudoba. They are spectacular.

  2. Loving: such a big house compared to the cardboard box we lived in in Utah. And your blog post! I used to have a nose stud and liked it but I always thought a lip ring would be sweet and hardcore. I can't wait to see your nose ring!

  3. I am skipping the game. You already know what I am up to, I'm sure I talked your ear off on the trip:) BUT, I had to chime in a say I fully support the Jennifer Lawrence do. When I saw her on Late night I was in LOVE with her hair. It makes me want to chop mine off! But I know mine is scraggly and thin and looks like poo short, so you grow yours a little and I can live vicariously through your thick lovely locks instead:)

  4. Wanting: To chop my hair off. I have longer hair and I have been getting prepared to chop mine super short. I am excited to do it and even though everyone including my husband does not want me to this drives me to want to do it even more. I just thought it was funny that we both want the exact opposite of what we have right now.

  5. Wishing: I would eat less, a la the two spoonfuls of peanut butter that I am convinced made my throat stop hurting just now.
    Hoping: That I can one day wake up and just do T25 or that my body will suddenly get in better shape by walking Maddy, who walks slower than a snail. :)