Monday, May 5, 2014

Here's to the young at heart

I went to my first church single adult activity for unmarried grownups over the age of 30.
It was a potluck/devotional.
I brought muffins I had baked from a box 20 minutes before.
I walked in, only to try and bolt back out before anyone smiled and introduced themselves.
No dice.
Everyone sprinted right over, hands extended before I could slink away unnoticed.
I found the lady I thought to be the closest to my age and plunked myself down next to her.
Peggy is 58 and just went through a messy divorce and is remodeling her house.
We are now BFFs.
She told me, and I quote, "There is never anyone that comes to these that you could actually date."
Ummm, thanks?
I was the only one there in the "30s" age bracket.
Actually it is probably very safe to say I was the only one under the age of 55, when one technically becomes a senior citizen.
It was like a nursing home.
At church.
Full of very friendly Mormons.
Not that nursing homes are a bad place to spend your Sunday evenings ... if you are so so old.
Anyway, everyone was very nice and eager to hear my story.
I am grateful for the church in that people seem to be genuinely interested in the individual.
Which is wonderful because no matter the congregation, I always feel important and loved.
Anyway, after hitting it off with Grandma Moses, I stuck around to hear the spiritual message.
It was an experience.
That I probably won't repeat, but at least I know the general demographic that attends.
So when I am a little bit more mature and still unwed, I can start attending and I will fit right in.
Fun times.
On a younger note, I am only a few weeks away from a very exciting girls weekend in Vegas!
I have never been and am really looking forward to it.
So if you have any incite on what needs to be done there or avoided, I am extremely open to all suggestions.
It will be amazeballs.

p.s. my five-year-old just dropped my entire bag of makeup on the floor with great flourish and broke everything.
Then I yelled.
Not my best parenting moment.
Time to regroup.
^^ My bathing beauty in Hawaii last summer with her grandparents. This year I am taking the kids to Idaho.
It's no Hawaii, but it'll be our first family vacay ever. It is will be great. And probably hot. ^^


  1. Oh man! What a bummer! Tracy and I have been messaging on facebook. She seems super nice! Thank you!!!

  2. Max Brenner Chocolate By the Bald Man restaurant - a must, and they have one in Vegas! Chocolate in everything - it's incredible. :)

  3. I am no Vegas native (we only moved here 3 months ago) but we have seen some fun things. Definitely do The Linq, and as a part of that, The High Roller (Vegas version of the London Eye). Caesars Palace is a fun mall with the living statues and you can walk down to the Fountains of Bellagio which run every half an hour. The Container park is fun but kind of kid-ish. Red Rock is beautiful but only if you really want to hike on a Girls Weekend.... Carlos Bakery just opened a store here on the strip as well and I've been dying to try that.

    Hmm... I'll try to think of other fun Girls Weekend stuff.

  4. Oh and for shows... there are SO many! Blue Men group and Cirque Du Soleil are the only two I've seen but I loved both.

  5. When are you going to IDAHO!? We would love to see you if you will be coming our way!

    You will love Vegas! There isn't much I can tell you about it... but do eat at Hash House A Go Go. Zak says its amazing! And if I were you, I would be going to the Britney Spears concert... I mean, why not!?

    1. We will most likely be going in June. Will you be in town? I am thisclose to convincing Britney to come with. That would be SO fun to see you guys.