Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday List

It is Friday again, and both of my readers know what that means: a post dedicated to things that make me happy.
Yes, this is happening every week.
So there.
And really Friday is to be celebrated anyway because it is the end of the school week, which means that tomorrow I don't have to drag my kids out of bed to get ready for school.
Instead, they will wake up at the crack of dawn and come in, not quietly, to pile on my bed and watch early morning cartoons.
Even though I went to bed late thinking they would sleep in.
Why do I do this? It has never happened. Not once in their short, little lives.
Anyway, today I will start my list with a ridiculous experience.

#1 Having a regular hairdresser, and her remembering you ... by name ... and then shortening that name to a nickname.
^^ If this is the senior picture of anyone
reading this tiny blog, I apologize.
But really, when was this look ever okay? ^^
This may seem trivial, but our family moved around a lot while Scott was completing optometry school.
This made it difficult to establish a regular hairdresser that was familiar with my style and didn't give me the mom pixie.
I have a butch short haircut which requires frequent cuts, and once you  factor in the few shoddy haircuts you must endure before finding the right professional, the selection process can take months.
The lady I go to is Joan.
I am pretty sure she wears a wig, which I will admit threw me for a second the first time I sat in her chair.
But after I obnoxiously pulled out the dozen pictures I bring with me to every cut (you know, for easy reference), she whipped out her scissors and gave me the best cut OF MY LIFE.
And just like that, I had myself a hairdresser.
Now every six weeks, I call the salon, ask if Joan is working, and then scoot my buns down there on the double.
Today, right when I walked in she said, "Hi Bri. I will be right with you!"
It pretty much made my day.
It's the little things.

#2 This art.
^^ A poor photo of a rad carnival photo. ^^
^^ A close-up. Aren't the colors awesome? ^^

I got this print off Etsy to round out the gallery wall in my room.
It is a photograph taken at a circus.
Now, I realize that this may not be everyone's cup of tea but to me art is art.
If you enjoy the way it makes you feel then it is art worth displaying.
It's different and I like the color palette and composition.
The picture really has a lot more depth in person, and has just the right creepy : enchanting ratio.
I will show you the rest of the wall/room once I am done putting my stamp on it.
I am sure you will all be waiting with baited breath for that day.

#3 This song.
I have loved this song my whole life.
I love it more than anyone should.
My dad tells me, as a toddler, I would ask for him to play it over and over.
It is the one song that puts me in a happy mood instantly, no matter what.
I dare you to not smile while listening to it.
Plus, how dreamy is George Micheal before he went craazzzzy?
My gosh, I love the 80s. And Wham.
^^ Give it a chance. ^^
Happy very early Saturday morning Friday!

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  1. #3 Best song ever. #2 I can't wait to see the finished wall and I wish I had #1. Loving your blog