Thursday, May 1, 2014


Let me tell you how terrible this sounds to me.
Lucky for you I have no filter and am a pathological over-sharer.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately.
Why? Because I was someone's better half (I really am that great) for over a decade.
And being so suddenly uncoupled is ... lonesome.
I enjoy being married.
And now I am not and I think it blows.
So the only logical thing to do sometime in the future is date.
The last time I "dated," the Thong Song was still popular.
Do you remember that song?
It was on a long time ago.
I am not saying I liked that song.
Because I absolutely did not.
And I absolutely did not stand on a counter top at a dance club in leather pants shimmying to that song.
Anyway, I digress.
I hear dating is all online now.
How can that be?
I am not sure I like the idea of jumping on a website and choosing someone based on a vague set of criteria.
And on the flip side, those same people could be scanning my profile thinking, "What a weirdo. Why does her hair look like a troll doll? Next ..."
And then a judgment has been passed and no one has even talked/seen the other person.
Isn't that bizarre? Maybe I am just too old-fashioned to wield that kind of technology.
And then there's the matter of whether or not I am ready.
And I am not really sure when I will be ready.
Am I ready now? How does one know?
My situation isn't going to reverse itself.
Although when I say it that way it sounds callus and unfeeling.
When really that is the exact opposite of the truth.
But I have accepted that my life is different.
And I cry about it. But it doesn't change.
And I feel sorry for myself, but things still don't change.
I have concluded that I am going to have to do the changing.
So here I am.
I am older now and know what kind of person I want/don't want to be with.
I don't want to play all those silly games you play when you are young and dumb.
The "field" looks totally different.
That and I have children. Granted they are the most amazing children but they are part of this picture too.
So what is my point?
My point is that I am having an affair with my popcorn popper and dating sounds scary.
But I am willing to try it. My sister thinks it will be exciting.
I think I am a nut job and will need to find someone who is reeeeeeeeeallly laid back.
I cannot believe I am thinking about thinking about dating.
^^ A picture of the new someone in my life. My trusty popper died.
A lot of things I love do that. We spend time together every day.
And he likes old maids (the unpopped kernels, silly). ^^


  1. You are so funny. I don't know why I try to relate because I'm on my second marriage for a super different reason than you...but anyway I got divorced while 6 months pregnant and surprised myself that I was ready to date when Noah was 3 months old. That was only 6 months! I thought I'd never get married again or have more children. And then a few months later I met Michael. And now we have a thousand kids. So you never know. I'm excited for you, when you're ready one day. You are amazing and hilarious and you'll meet someone awesome.

  2. Loved Rachel's comment. I agree, you are funny. And great! I've told ya before... Online dating is awesome!!! You can talk on Skype and it almost feeling like real life! Lol! My hubby and I met online. We were going out for a few months before we even met in person. Skype was our best friend!! And when we met for the first time in person it was even better than I imagined. It was magical! And amazing! I'll never got the moment. And he looked just like he did on Skype, but he was 3D! It took a few hours to get used to seeing him in 3D! Anyway, when you're ready, you should try it! It's super fun and exciting!! I bet you'll be surprised at how quickly you will find someone worth meeting :-). Dating for the second time was sooo much better than the first! The second time you have sooo much knowledge to make a better choice. Ha! You can do it girl! Put on that bikini and start browsing away ;-)

  3. Brianne, I'm not sure if you remember me but I'm Rachael Olson's older sister, Andre'a. We met at a play group in Kent when you just had Ryan. Anyway, can I tell you I LOVE this blog?! I see when Rachael "likes" one of your blog posts on FB so I run over and read it. You are hilarious. I think it's when someone's more honest than you were expecting to hear with your ears that we find it refreshing and SO humorous! You take the cake! I think it's so honest to say that you'll never be "over" Scott and that he'd want you to be happy. I don't have any first-hand experience like Rachael but my mentor teacher in my student teaching lost her husband to cancer. They were members of the Church and everything. Well, she was really enjoying the dating part of her widow experience and Jim (her deceased husband), came to her and told her impatiently, "CHOOSE one, Sharon." And so she did. I don't think there's anyone (smart) in the world who would judge you for diving back into the dating scene or trying one relationship on for size and then giving it time. This is your process and what's right for you is what feels right to you. You've never been in this position before. You definitely are a prize, though, and so are your sweet, beautiful children. It's all being worked out perfectly. Can't wait to watch it unfold. I love you!

  4. love you. love your blog. I say your super human.