Monday, May 26, 2014

A Vegas post with 8 trillion pictures ...

My weekend in Vegas.
Where do I even start.
I do NOT understand the slogan, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," so I will be unabashedly divulging every single minute of my favorite weekend.
And every single other minute of my life in the future. Most likely.
Plus, I just spent three days with eight Mormon ladies in Sin City.
Our idea of fun is very different than most of the tourists down on The Strip.
It was outrageous but mostly because there are a lot of half naked unconventional people wandering around, not because we are a bunch of trouble makers.
But for starters, I just needed to see some of my best friends.
These girls.
I absolutely cannot see my life being complete without them in it.
I think about them every single day because they are my family, in addition to my actual family.
I can talk to them in a way I cannot talk to anyone else.
Mostly because we are gross but also because they know my story.
They get me.
So, we spent the weekend staying up far too late, laughing harder than I have maybe ever, crying, eating at every restaurant in Nevada, and walking, like, 15 miles up and down the main drag, lost 75% of the time.
Like we were really lost, almost all of the time.
I am not actually sure how we managed to get lost as much as we did.
We had smart phones and we are adults.
We were literally dodging traffic, climbing through chain-link fences, getting locked into a private pool, jumping over puddles of vomit, backtracking through countless hotels, and climbing 14,749 stairs.
And through it all, I only saw one, ONE, crusty, disheveled Elvis, much to my disappointment. Sigh.
But we also checked out a flamingo habitat, watched the water show in front of the Bellagio, listened to the gondola rowers? tour guides? scream sing in The Venetian, stopped by Carlos' Bakery (from the Cake Boss), stayed at the Luxor Hotel (the one shaped like a pyramid), took a dip in the pool, ate at Cafe Rio twice, went to the outlet mall, rode the elevators at Caesar's Palace, and then soaked our feet in the bathtub once we returned to the house we were staying at (thanks Jacque!).
My toes looked like sausages.
Anyway, I felt so good being surrounded by these girls and I am hoping we make it an annual trip (though not necessarily to Las Vegas. It is so smokey. And so filthy. I had to wash my hands like eighteen thousand times).
And now onto the pictures.
There are so many.
And I look crazy in a majority of them.
^^ This is what we were doing pretty much the whole trip. But I needed it. ^^
^^ Probably lost. ^^
^^ Mikelle was not staring at this bus. But I was. ^^
^^ I love you Deborah. I love you Mikelle. ^^
^^ I was inspecting the fake grass. Debbie was explaining all it's pros and cons. It is very realistic. That and we had just been passed by the most pathetic drunkard lurching down the sidewalk in his bare feet. I felt sad for him.^^
^^ Admittedly, it was very pretty down here at night with all the lights. ^^
^^ At the flamingo habitat. My friends are so pretty. And my hair is a mile high. I'd like to blame it on the desert heat but we all know that isn't true.^^
^^ The weather was perfect all weekend. It was sunny without being face-melting hot. Which was good, 'cause I am a wimp. ^^
^^ Inside The Venetian. Right next the to gift shop selling penis straws. Classy.^^
^^ We were parked right below this Ferris wheel. You'd think having parked next to such a large landmark would make it easy to find your car. This was not the case. ^^
^^ This guy had Jack Sparrow's characteristics down to a T. And was also one of Tracy's many admirers. Which he demonstrated by chasing her down the sidewalk. ^^
^^ The Bellagio. The water show was really amazing. Even without the lights. ^^
^^ Cafe Rio. This was on almost everyone's To Do list. ^^
^^ Laura, Tracy, Lyndsie, and Jenny. (I like the cat eye, Laura.) ^^
^^ This might be one of my favorite pictures. I seriously was so happy all weekend. ^^
^^ Jenny, me, Mikelle, Lyndsie, Tracy, Debbie, and Laura. We are missing Heidi in this picture. We all arrived and left at different times throughout the weekend. And were sad that our friend Lisa wasn't able to be there. ^^
^^ The more sleep deprived we became, the more often this kind of thing happened. ^^
^^ "Smile Brianne. And watch out for the barf right below you."^^

^^ The end. ^^


  1. brianne, i've really been enjoying your blog. i've been thinking about you a lot and hope you're doing well. if you lived in pdx, i think we'd be hanging out, even though we didn't hang out much in high school. like, i'd love to take you to a bout up here (i have a friend who coaches a roller derby team). also, i have a secret hair crush on you. if my hair were thicker, i'd totally be rocking that cut you have. so glad you are writing. keep it up. xo kimmie

  2. Brianne, How great that you were able to get away for a few days
    with such good friends and have fun! You look so happy in these pictures!!

  3. Looks like you ladies had a blast! So glad you could take a getaway to laugh, smile and enjoy life. :) Love you!

  4. It's not normally smokey here. That was due to all the wildfires in Cali coming our way. Glad you had a fun trip though!

  5. I'm glad you had so much fun on your trip! You look really happy, which makes me happy!

  6. Yay! What a perfect weekend! I'm so glad you had a good trip!