Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday list

So last Friday I did a post on things that make me happy.
And it made me so happy I thought I would do it again.
Unless it is lame.
Because undoubtedly a lot of things I like are lame ... but I can't help that.
You can't choose the things you love.
So if you love, say, watching Breaking Bad until your eyes bleed, like someone I know who is my father, than you must watch it absolutely every single night.
You don't have a choice.
Those are the rules.
Today's list is a little more vague.
They are all "activities."
Really it is just a pathetic detailing of how I spend my free time.

#1 Stalking Craigslist
There is a lot of furniture I don't need eager to come home with me.
All they want is a little love and attention.
And people are just casting them off like old pieces of neglected furniture. WTH?
For example:
^^ These mid century office chairs have serious potential. Do I need four office chairs? Of course not. ^^
^^ Does this even need an explanation? I just want to lick it. ^^
Which leads me to:
#2 Reimagining furniture.
I really do get my huge Mormon underpants panties in a bunch over bringing an overlooked piece of furniture home and refinishing it.
I love turning something old into something rad.
In fact, I have even toyed with the idea of buying several pieces, redoing them, and then relisting them for significantly more moolah.
Wouldn't that be fun? And a great way to fund my addiction? And my growing pile of furnishings for my pretend house?
^^ Okay I know this is a bogus picture and it's looks ghetto, but just imagine it in a glossy navy or cobalt.
Coupled with a grey and white geometric pattern on the bedspread? Cute little boy's bed. Done. ^^
#3 Throwing things away
I don't mean I like to take out the trash.
I enjoy purging items I no longer need or items that I don't feel other people need.
Like when my dad goes to work, I just rummage around and throw stuff away. (This is a test to see whether or not he reads this blog ... although it is also true.)
I thinks this can also be considered organizing.
If I could be a professional organizer and get paid to go through people's crap and arrange/discard it, I would be in heaven.
Isn't this post making me sound like a lunatic?

#4 Movie kissing scenes
Maybe I am just in need of some nookie a romantic but I stayed up until 1 a.m. last night googling love/kissing scenes from all my favorite chick flicks.
Here are the best ones: (Just in case your hubby/significant other is ever out of town and you are feeling "meh," you can just casually visit this list.)
^^ My pictures are amazing. And not grainy. Ohhhh, just click below and see it for realizes. ^^
The Lucky One
The Amazing Spiderman
Leap Year
The Notebook (this one is really steamy)
Safe Haven

p.s. I literally just rewatched all those scenes.
You know for quality control.
Happy Friday!


  1. Okay seriously, come live in Las Vegas and we will start our own Professional Organizing and furniture refinishing company because those are basically my two loves - next to family, of course. And no jokes here, I am working on my website to start my own Professional Organizing business as I type this.

  2. Brianne, we are eerily similar and it's freaking me out. My mom is constantly telling me that my perfect job would be as a professional organizer. And that kiss from The Amazing Spiderman was rewound multiple times. I've already shared my furniture obsession. Great list!

  3. I love getting rid of things, too! I have since I was little!! I also love furniture but in my current state re-doing it sounds too hard. I'm tired!