Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with your current situation that instead of doing something to improve your footing, you do something else completely unrelated and ridiculous?
That is what I do all day.
On most days.
I should probably be studying more, or at least researching college programs and school funding.
Rather I dink around redoing furniture (again), running unnecessary errands, reorganizing my room, and sewing a tooth fairy pillow.
Or sometimes when my TO DO list becomes so long I could wrap myself in it like a mummy, I just take a nap.
It doesn't help my productivity, but my mood plummets.
And I become increasingly more frantic.
So there's that.
I feel like maybe I am paralyzed by this damn test.
It is hanging over my head.
In fact, instead of fiddle farting around on Pinterest and thumbing through my Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I could be preparing.
But then I look at the workers at Costco and think, "I could do that, if I had to."
And I resign myself to piddling away my college education and pumping gas.
Not that there is anything wrong with pumping gas.
Could I be rambling any more?
Yes, the answer is yes.
It goes around in my head all day long.
"Should I go to school? Can I get into school?"
"I know a lot of weirdos that did get a Master's, so I should be able to get one."
"Or maybe I should get a job? What would I do?"
"My Bachelor's isn't as valuable as it may have been ten years ago."
"But if I went to work, what would Micah do?"
"He eats naive babysitters for lunch."
"But maybe that is a good reason to go to work, to escape the tornado that is my toddler."
"My nerves would be less frazzled."
"Then we could build our shipping crate house sooner."
Just kidding about that last part.
I wish someone would pay me to write ... and talk incessantly.
Anyway, I will just shut it and show you my latest furniture upgrade.
And then probably watch an episode of Scandal instead of reading up on Analytical Writing.
^^ My kids' room. I decided that their dresser looked like crap. I did not like the two-toned finish anymore. In fact, the only reason I did that in the first place was because I could not sand/strip the wood on top down enough to remove 85 layers of paint. Plus the white was looking pretty shabby up close, lest you think it looks marvelous in this pic. ^^ 
^^ I put a whole new piece of very pretty, pet-able wood on top after staining it to match. I also replaced the cheap hardware with something a little bit more substantial and textural. I am still pulling together the rest of their room. I will show it off when it is done. First things first. Saying adiĆ³s to that crib. ^^
^^ Cool right? I think that with the new top and knobs, the piece is a lot more versatile. ^^
^^ My handsome turkey. When I got home from Vegas, this guys had a temperature of 102 and pink eye. The fever is down, we are still working on the eye sitch. ^^


  1. Their room is super cute! I love the dresser upgrade. Having three kids in one room is tricky but it looks like you're rocking it!

  2. Awesome hardware! Where did you find it? I have such a hard time finding unique, yet affordable and attractive pieces.

    1. I found it at Lowe's. They actually have a few unique and affordable choices.

  3. I do think you should be paid to write! You are amazing with your words and have all your readers spellbound. What does it take to be a journalist? You could write opinion pieces, or advice, or anything really. A book on your experience? Do it! I don't think you have this talent by chance, it was given to you for a reason. And maybe supporting your family is it

  4. I agree Brianne! You write so well. You might as well get paid for it! And I love the new dresser! Don't be surprised if I call you sometime for advice! Hope your little one is feeling better.