Monday, July 14, 2014

A few things of note ...

A few things of note ...

One ... Micah has fallen down exactly once every three days and skinned his knees up something fierce.
In fact, every time his soft, baby skin begins to heal, he biffs it again and cuts it right back open.
Makes it tricky to practice using that dang toilet when you have to pull your tiny undies up and down your torn up legs.
To say the least, potty training is NOT going well.

Two ...  I bought the most incredible couch that God ever made.
It is the most marvelous mid century sofa.
Seven feet of breathtaking perfection, ALL MINE!
I am having it reupholstered in a simple, durable gray fabric with piping and tufting.
I will then rub my face all over it and whisper sweet nothings as I caress it lovingly.
I am saving the 'before' picture to include with the post that will be entirely dedicated to it's reveal.
It is that important.
Scott would have probably hated it.

Three ...  my grandfather is visiting and has yelled at me twice in the last 24 hours for spoiling my kids.
When Micah fell down yesterday (you know for his routine weekly injury) my grandfather promptly shouted at me to spank him in order to discourage him from running down the driveway.
I replied calmly that "punishing him for tripping didn't make sense."
To which he screeched that "I am only facilitating his careless behavior."
"But he is two-years-old Grandpa," I said.
"Well, you should still spoil them less, and you should let them eat fast food," he said.
"I don't understand how cooking them homemade meals and discouraging them from eating garbage is bad parenting. And frankly I am confused in general with this conversation."
He means well.
But it was slightly baffling.

Four ... I am growing out my hair, again.
It looks terrible.
That is all.

Five ... I am obsessed with this song.
Every time it is on the radio, I gasp, "Ooohh, Oooo, I like this song!" and crank it up.
To which anyone in the immediate vicinity averts their eyes, ashamed.
And then my I.Q. drops, like, 50 points.
Because it is ridiculous. And juvenile.
^^ A music video dedicated to reenacting Clueless? Yes, please. ^^ 
Six ... I was gifted an iPad Air.
It is very fancy and only facilitates my ability to surf Craigslist, Etsy, and Ebay from the comfort of my bed at an hour that no responsible parent should be awake.
It's like I am being forced to buy things.
I have my eye on you, beautifully broken in kilim rug.
You will belong to me.

The end.


  1. You totally just love that song because you are picturing your boyfriend Jimmy Fallon lip syncing to it. Haha. Love you.

  2. Your grandpa would stress me out. You're doing great. Potty training is the worst. I try to avoid it at all costs. I like that song, too. I can't wait to see your awesome couch! I'm super excited! And I have a need for a beautiful kilim rug, too. Need!