Thursday, July 17, 2014

Small photo dump

On this sweltering Wednesday night, I am here to dump a few random pictures, just for keepsakes sake.
I don't have a theme, per say, for this today's post except to say that I feel as if I am watching the summer fly by before I have even had an opportunity to compile a summer TO DO list.
Which is causing me anxiety.
I like lists.
They help me maintain a false sense of control.
That and I find it satisfying to cross items off my list.
Because every time I do, I pat myself on the back and exclaim, "Look how productive you are. You are so efficient. And organized. In fact, you should give lessons on how to be as capable as you are. Good job, Brianne."
And then I straighten my pocket protector, and hitch up my high water pants, and set off to reorganize my cleaning supplies in alphabetical order.
However, instead of coordinating our schedule on a color-coded spreadsheet, I have been running the kids around all crazy-like to the lake, the beach, the park, and on play dates.
I feel a little frazzled at the end of the day, but at least my kids are so exhausted they topple into bed and lapse into a coma.
Which, I'll admit, is basically the whole objective.
And really if you aren't stretched out in bed enjoying the summer evening's cool breeze, sun-soaked and tired, what is the point of being a kid?
Anyway, the morale of this story is that summer is half over, I feel like we are running out of time, and I am not sure why I don't take more pictures of Ryan.

^^ Right before he pulled down his drawers and peed on the lawn. Yay! We celebrate even the small potty-training victories. And those tighty-whities! p.s. He got his knocked knees from me. ^^
^^ The only picture I took during an entire day at the beach. You wouldn't know it but the whole family was there. We flew kites, had a picnic, swam like lunatics in the freezing ocean, and then finished the day off with ice cream cones. I love going to the coast. ^^
^^ Ezra in his kindergarten "graduation" cap. So cute. ^^

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  1. I love the Oregon coast. It sounds like a pretty great summer to me!