Thursday, July 10, 2014

Idaho ... part two

I don't know what is going on around here.
I sat down to write my follow-up post on our Idahoe-liday and it is already Thursday, which as you know comes at the end of the week.
How we already reached the end of another week is beyond me.
I don't remember last summer being so busy, or any fun for that matter. 
Oh wait, it is because I lived in Washington's armpit (Olympia) a year ago in a rotten apartment and had, like, one friend.
Anyway, as promised, I wanted to finish documenting our little trip.
After leaving Rexburg, we headed to Boise for a visit.
While in Boise I was far too busy to take any pictures.
We stayed with our friends (the Hatfield's), and their huge a$$ dog in their beautiful, clean house.
Literally, their dog was the size of a large pony and would saunter into the kitchen and rest her lips on the edge of the counter.
Which Tracy would promptly wipe up, only to have to repeat the cleanup 15 seconds later.
It was remarkable. 
Anyway, we made spring rolls, sneaked out for frozen yogurt each night whilst saddling her hubby with all six kids (coffee-flavored with coconut, Oreos, almond slivers, and whipped cream, if you must know), visited a tattoo parlor, stalked people on Facebook, talked about everything, went thrifting, sold a house, oh, and also did stuff with our kids.
I love spending time with Tracy. 
She is one of my favorite people.
Also our kids get along fairly well, which you wouldn't have known by the way they all picked at each other during our stay.
I was also able to stop by and see another friend (Rachael) that I have known since Scott and I lived in Seattle six years ago.
We used to hang out all the time.
We would take our kids (we only had one each at the time) to the library, the indoor park, and  to play dates.
She would also cut my hair.
Since then, she has had four more kids! so this visit was a little more hectic and much louder than they used to be.
But we just talked, and talked, and talked, like we hadn't been apart, all while our children ran rampant and trashed her lovely, huge home.
Luckily, she is really laid back and wasn't experiencing the anxiety I was when watching the kids eat raspberries on her white sofa.
Her kids are also so pretty I just want to eat them.
^^ Isn't Rachael beautiful? I am only friends with beautiful people. It's my rule. ^^
She also convinced me to join Instagram and my life was changed forever.
However, after spending four days in Boise (and 13 away from home), my kids were becoming excessively emotional.
So after eating all the Hatfield's food, we decided to head back to Eugene.
The eight hour drive went pretty smoothly.
I really can't complain.
I was proud of my kids for being so good for me while on our vacation, especially in the car. 
It was a good way to start the summer, and now I am off the hook for doing any more fun things.
Just kidding.
We will still do fun things.

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  1. Your visit was seriously the best! Total highlight of my summer. I'm so glad I got to see you! You guys can come eat raspberries on our white couch any time :)