Thursday, October 16, 2014

How is it already Thursday?

^^ It was a leggings-worn-with-a-much-too-short-shirt/socks-stolen-from-my-dad kind of day. ^^
Let's talk about how many papers my kids bring home every day after school.
It is a problem.
Like, environmentally, how are there enough trees on this whole planet to support the amount of paperwork necessary to inform me of PTO meetings, pumpkin patch field trips, and how IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE JOG-A-THON MONEY BE TURNED IN IMMEDIATELY!
It takes me a full hour to wade through all the shite that comes home in their backpacks.
Of course, I never check my email, so the paperless route is a no-go.
But honestly, I love to organize things.
My little nerd heart pitter-patters so fast when I start thinking about it, so really I don't mind the paper shuffling, but thought that I should complain about it to seen more "normal." and less "freakish."
Also, right now it is raining very hard.
Like, I went outside to take my kids to the dentist this morning and was nearly flattened to the ground by a torrential downpour.
It was amazing.
The sound of the rain may be my favorite sound second only to the silence that occurs when my children are sound asleep.
There really is no sound like no sound.
But I feel as if even that is short lived because my children are possessed posses a sixth sense that allows them to anticipate the very second I climb into bed.
Just as I close my eyes, their throats begin to seize from dehydration and their bladders begin to swell from holding their pee in just long enough for me to unwind and head to my room.
Just as I prop the window open (so I can hear the rain, duh) decide which side of my body to start on, and pull my covers up, it is at that very moment that I hear a scream (because that is the only way of getting my attention in the silence of the night) for a drink of water/assistance to the bathroom/help finding some lost stuffed animal/nothing at all.
It happens, literally, and I actually mean in the very literal sense, every night.
Even if I go to bed at completely different times, they sense it and awake at the very moment I go to sleep.
I have done experiments.
^^ Pitching a fit on the time-out stool.
So that's fun.
Also this is what happens all the live-long day:

The end.

^^ Meanwhile, this was happening outside. I love Oregon. And rain, as previously mentioned. ^^
^^ Probably irritated at someone. Or thinking deep, serious, profound thoughts. Like, "how can I get more sour patch kids into my stomach." ^^

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  1. I kind of love throwing all those papers that come home from school with the kids away. I deem most useless and toss them on the stop always hoping they it doesn't come back to haunt me. Also, why are men's socks so much better than women's? Like women couldn't like big thick socks?! Come on! And your hair looks adorable. I'm super excited about it.