Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another boring picture of someone else's carved pumpkin

Today was the longest day.
It started at 6:45 a.m. when my alarm (read: toddler) woke me up at a frightening volume;
Which wasn't totally inconvenient because I had to shower, run around yelling at my kids to get the lead out of their pants and eat their freeeeeking breakfast, and make lunches before heading to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch for Ezra's first grade field trip anyway.
I dropped Micah off at a friend's, ushered my kids to their classrooms, and checked in at the school office.
I lead my three assigned kiddies onto the bus, sat through the mandatory safety information, and then proceeded to field four thousand panicked questions from a nervous six-year-old, missing what looked like eight teeth, on what we would do if 1) the bus broke down, 2) the driver had a heart attack and was incapacitated, 3) who exactly was responsible for pulling the emergency break, 4) would we have enough time to exit the bus safely if it was engulfed in flames, 5) why was it necessary to have a safety hatch in the roof, etc.
After explaining that our 20 minute bus trip (for the duration of the drive) would most likely be uneventful and not result in an untimely death, we arrived at the farm.
We picked apples, sprinted through a corn maze, picnicked, and selected pumpkins before boarding the bus and heading back to the school.
I then made a silent vow never to become a first-grade teacher.
I lack the patience or energy required to be nice to kids all day.
After I picked up Micah and dragged him kicking and screaming away from his play date, I went home to start composing a shopping list and plan our weekly menu.
Once the older kids returned from school, I loaded everyone into the car and headed to WinCo.
After shuffling through the store, I returned home to start dinner.
Air high-five if you are still reading this.
My life is very dull.
I am actually falling asleep writing this because I am so lame.
Anyway, I cooked dinner, cleaned up after dinner, and then grudgingly eagerly prepped for pumpkin carving which I shouldn't have promised earlier that day.
The kids decided that they wanted to do it entirely on their own which meant that an hour-long activity turned into the rest of my life.
And even though I want to face plant on the floor out of debilitating exhaustion, my kids went to sleep happy and that is pretty much the whole point.
Although, upon reflection, I realize that this post does, in fact, not have a point.
Sorry about that.
And now I will go eat ice cream in my bed.
^^ Ezra is probably contemplating how he can prolong his permitted use of a "real" knife. ^^
^^ Yes, this is the best picture of the four of us with our pumpkins. Total win. ^^
The end.


  1. I have yet to carve pumpkins or go to Winco this week, so you are doing much better than me. Air high five!

  2. I kept thinking about you yesterday so I'm glad you posted. You are such a good mom. I'm sorry you have to do everything alone. I don't like to do any parenting alone. You are amazing.