Wednesday, October 1, 2014

^ Insert a catchy title about shoes here ^

I was/should be writing my grocery-shopping list but then thought, "What is more important than feeding my family?"
So I am blogging instead.
Priorities, yo.
And for today's topic we will be discussing shoes.
And more specifically: the thrifted variety.
Because I have been having amazing luck the last few months buying other peoples used shoes.
Also my life really isn't all that exciting and I generally don't have much to talk about.
So let's commence with a fashion show.
Because I took my shoes outside and took pictures of them to ... umm ... practice my photography skills. Yeah, that is what I was doing.
I am lame.
Also I don't just slide my little tootsies into these shoes and start prancing around.
Who knows where they have been.
So I do several things:
1) When in doubt, freeze them out. (So easy to remember because it rhymes. Word.)
Seriously, just throw them in the freezer.
My dad has opened many a freezer only to find pillows, hats, jackets, pinkie fingers (j/k).
All those grody germs will DIE — it's science.
2) Wipe down with a disinfectant wipe or a cloth with bleach on it.
3) Put them on and begin prancing.
So now, for realies, here are my lovelies that I kiss goodnight wear when I actually shower and get ready.
Oh and p.s. I did not pay over $7 for any of these.
And p.p.s Maybe you should consider thrifting more often, it is very fun and economical.
Wait, what am I saying? p.p.s.s DO NOT thrift more. I want to thrift everything good and you can go to the mall and pay full price. 
^^ I wear these with knee socks kinda bunched. It is a very stylish combo. I think. ^^
^^ What outfit can you NOT wear these with.? It is a trick question. The answer is: no outfit. There does not exist a single outfit that you cannot wear with these amazing boots. ^^
^^ Salt Waters. Need I say more? ^^ 
^^ Blush-colored, patent, studded flats. It is like every fashion trend in the universe rolled into one pair of kick-ass shoes. ^^
^^ Nude wedges. Everyone should own something nude. Besides your own naked body. ^^
The end.


  1. I am in love with those blush flats! Crap, I really need to thrift more! All of these are amazing and I love them.

  2. wow never thought to freeze shoes - I'll have to try it some time :)