Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lipstick conundrum

^^ Kinda blurry and slightly crazed. Can you see how gnarly her tooth is? Yes, the one at a right angle. ^^
Let's talk about how my daughter resembles Nanny McFee. 
Her top tooth is protruding at the most obnoxious angle and looks dreadful.
It is wiggly in the worst way but she will not allow me to pull it out.
I have contemplated sneaking into her room after she falls asleep and yanking it out.
But that would probably be emotionally scarring.
She fights bedtime anyway ... soooo, that might cancel out the minimal progress we have made in said department.
My sister offered to give her a love punch in the mouth.
Just to get that whole situation taken care of.
For whatever reason, she rejected that idea.
Oh well, just like everything else (Micah's potty training, Ezra's reading, me having sex ever again) it will theoretically happen when it is supposed to happen. 
And really I am just talking about the sex thing.
Anyway, I have been brashly thinking of stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring the world of lipstick.
Previously, I worried that I would smear it all over my clothes and teeth.
That and Scott used to say that when I wore lipstick my lower lip looked huge and if I weren't careful it would get snagged on a tripwire. 
But I have decided that today's lipsticks are much too sophisticated to be subject to those smudging issues.
They take themselves seriously and stay put.
I am on the lookout for a deep, berry color, a true red, and something bright-ish pink?
Right now I wear Vaseline.
This is a big step. 
I know it sounds cray-cray. 
But I like to take risks.
I laugh in the face of danger.
I walk on the wild side.
Any recommendations for moderately-priced lipsticks would be very much appreciated. 
I am leaning towards matte. 
^^ Taken with my phone in secrecy behind the bleachers at my last roller derby bout wearing a much darker lip than I am typically comfortable with. p.s. We won! Holla! ^^
Thanks, peeps.


  1. Cute! I like to experiment with lips, too. You may like a lip stain so it will stay put and blend with your lip a little more. You should probably just go to target and try a few.

  2. Go to the MAC counter at macys and splurge. They have great lipstick and the people there will get your style.