Thursday, September 18, 2014


It has been a rough week.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let's just say that existential meltdowns have been happening all up in here.
But I do have a few random thoughts.
They don't make any sense grouped together but my head is exhausted from self-imposed pressure and wasted energy used worrying about the MEANING OF MY LIFE! (italics added to emphasize my over-dramatized angst)
Anyway, here is a arbitrary list of gibberish:

* My children's bus driver (a very tall, elderly woman named Miss Allison) motioned me over as I waved goodbye to Ryan and Ezra and said, "You are amazing. You really are. You are doing a great job."
Just like that.
And for a second I believed her, and was happier for having walked them out to the bus stop this morning.
What a nice thing to do.
It absolutely made my day.
I vow, here and now, to start handing out more kind and meaningful compliments.
Everyone needs to hear something good about themselves.
Can you imagine if we all just walked around flinging out compliments left and right?
It would be world-changing. Of epic proportions.

* I have now sustained bruises on both sides of my body, from skating at speeds of up to 800 miles an hour.
When one skates as passionately as I do, one tends to wipe out a lot more violently.
These ridiculous injuries make for some very uncomfortable sleeping.
And get me no sympathy when I come limping home.
"Well, you do play a high contact sport, Brianne," my parents say.
Touché parents, touché.

* I bought Ezra a pair of bright green Chucks.
He told me that he ran "way faster" in P.E. today wearing his new Converse.
^^ A self-portrait. ^^
They are so stylish I can barely stand what a hip parent I am.
And I am pretty sure no one hip actually uses the word hip.
So I slapped myself and told myself never to say that again.

* On Tuesday, I started taking some new acne medicine; And much to my chagrin, my skin is not flawless and glowing already.
Heather reminded me that only taking it for two days will not dewy, unblemished skin make.

* My hair-growing-out situation is looking quite haphazard at this point.
I look like one of those baby turkeys that starts off fuzzy and then two weeks later looks wretched as their grownup feathers begin growing in.
I said to my sister, "Look at my ridiculous hair."
To which she said, "We should take a new profile pic and get you started on another dating website."
My life is fun.
And embarrassing.


  1. Believe it or not, you really are amazing.

  2. I'm pretty sure you need to take a quick drive over here and we'll get your hair all situated. Your self portrait is hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud and I never do that. I think you are hilarious and I think about you all the time. The end.