Monday, September 8, 2014

Sofa, my sofa

An Ode to my Couch

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways,
You're tufted, mid-century, sleek, and gray

I found you upon the computer at nightfall
My obsession with Craigslist had finally proved fruitful!

To Junction City I did drive, to retrieve you fair divan
It was a hoarders love at first sight, and into your arms I ran

I creepily stroked you, laid upon your cushy seat
And then I strapped you to a trailer, which was no small feat

I brought you home, admired your shapely figure
Then I searched for an upholsterer to change your color

You went to the seamstress to get a fresh look
Upon thine anticipated return, your picture I took

^^ BEFORE: Woof. It had an awesome shape but was an unfortunate color. ^^
^^ Olive and dismal. But, oh, the potential ...^^
^^ AFTER: Ta-da! It is now a beautiful, simple gray with tight piping and reversible cushions!
The fabric is very durable as well. ^^
^^ A close-up. What the what am I going to do with it? Cover it and put it in storage until I have a home of my own to showcase it in all it's retro glory. ^^