Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The story of a bruise

I had a really sad post planned for today, buuuuuut ain't nobody got time for that.
We only want positive sentiments on a Tuesday so we will save the somber stuff for next time.
A good mix of fun and depressing is how I roll here.
So for today, I will show you a great photo Heather (my step-mom) took of my a$$ after roller derby one evening.
I am not kidding.
Just picture a camera pressed up to my cheeks, as we both laugh.
But I think these kind of memories are important.
You know ... for my posterity.
^^ I know my Furious butt holes will not be impressed with this bruise (they are much to tough) but it might coax a few dry heaves from my less violent readers. p.s. it looks even more beautiful worse today. ^^ 
And to keep with the light-hearted theme, I have a few new videos to share.
Just in case you are mindlessly trolling the internet and feeling bored with all of your regular haunts.
The first is very funny because IT IS FACTUAL.
And it isn't as graphic as it sounds.
Although I don't have an appropriate picture to include.
But bare in mind, this is a PG blog.
Maybe PG-13.

The second one is cute.
Although if that were my husband, I would probably chicken chop him in the throat.

The third one is just one video of many.
In fact, there is a whole series of helpful programs that are not really helpful at all.

And this last one is also a series (but more of a string of mini-documentaries).
I have always been fascinated with ballet — probably because I could never do it.
I think one has to be graceful in order to dance.
That and be able to touch your own toes.
And it will take you approximately an hour to watch all of the videos in one sitting.
Which I may or may not have done while my kids wrestled and pulled each other's hair.

Well, off to bed, my lovelies.
I am in a weird mood tonight.

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  1. That is quite the bruise! Your legs are smokin' hot! I love ballet, I'll have to watch that.