Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Taking Stock Part 2

^^ Random shot of two babies sleeping together in undies. Don't get any misconceptions that Micah is potty trained. I assure you, he isn't. ^^
Remember this fun little game? 
It is an excuse to talk shamelessly about myself while claiming to be taking inventory of "where I am " in my life.
As if it is a huge departure from all my other posts.
"Exactly. She rattles on and on about herself all the time."
"I know, she is annoying and so self-centered." 
"Agreed. She belongs in a psych ward where she can talk to a professional."
"And she is unnaturally sweaty."
"Why is she always droning on and on about her lame life? She could just go to clown college for all I care."
"Or maybe to a nerd organizing convention, where people sit around smelling their own farts and talking about establishing order."
Annnnnnnnnnnyway ...
This is what I am ...
Making: duvet covers for my boys. I hand-stamped plain, white bedspreads with a cool, tribal print; which my boys didn't even notice. It was really satisfying. 
Cooking: baked blueberry french toast. It is delish, and so simple a pea-brain could make it.
Drinking: tons and tons of water. So refreshing. (And that factoid about the human body being 95% water is totally false. FYI.)
Reading: Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson. It's the true story about a woman who survived a plane crash but was burned on over 80% of her body. 
Wanting: a really good head scratch. Not a head massage, but a really vigorous itch. 
Looking: for dining chairs. Do I have a dining room? No. But I will someday, and right now that future dining room is chairless.

Playing: roller derby! I am legit! Like on a real team and everything. The Flat Track Furies are super fierce. They also use the term "butt hole" a lot, which is endearing. 
Liking: my newest edition of Glamour magazine. I am an avid reader. I have been a subscriber for, like, 13 years. How else would I learn how to remix my fall wardrobe? Or what the most frequently asked sex questions of 2014 are? These are important issues that I take very seriously.
Wasting: time reading about what the most frequently asked sex questions of 2014 are. I am not even having sex. Lame. 
Sewing: nothing. Anytime I need something mended, I beg my sister to fix it because I am an angry seamstress and I get frustrated every time I have to THREAD THE DAMN BOBBIN!  
Wishing: I could give my life a shake-up. I am ready to start my new course, but lack any concrete direction.

Enjoying: Outshine fruit bars at night in place of my normal dish of ice cream. I am sure it will pass. 
Waiting: on the list of a very fancy dermatologist. For an appointment. To meet with him. 
Wondering: if said dermatologist will be able to tell me when puberty will in fact be at an end and I can blossom into a real woman and have pimple-free skin and no mustache skin discoloration.
^^ There she is. ^^
Loving: my new car. I got a Volvo. It is a very sophisticated car and I feel like I should wear an ascot and have my monogram sewn onto all my linens. 
Hoping: Micah will wake up tomorrow and decide that it is time to poop in the toilet. And not in his underpants. Three times a day. (For the last month).
Marveling: at the jellyfish and octupi (octopuses?) at the Seattle Aquarium. My father-in-law treated us to a day in the city and the kids had so much fun!
Smelling: Scotty's cologne. Ryan sleeps with his sweatshirt every night and asks me to spritz some of his cologne on it again after it comes out of the wash.  
Wearing: vintage rocker tees with pleated skirts. To my very conservative church. I don't think people understand me there. 
Following: Instagram. Why the H wasn't I doing this all my life? It is so fun. And I look busy on my phone when waiting in line at the post office like everyone else. Except I am not checking texts or missed calls. 'Cause I gots no friends.
Noticing: how many things in my room need to be organized ... once it is 12:30 a.m.

Thinking: about too many responsibilities. I am on the fast-track to an ulcer. 
Knowing: that everything is going to be all right. I can feel it. In my ulcer.
Needing: my hair to grow FASTER. The awkward phase was so three months ago.
^^ Do you see my tiny piggies? Yeah, me either. ^^
Bookmarking: a random assortment of job listings. In my opinion, I would be an amazing event-planner/administrative assistant/legal secretary.  
Opening: all the back-to-school paraphernalia that arrives prior to the big send-off. T-minus two days! 
Giggling: as I listen to my kids laugh and talk in their sleep. Micah is literally chuckling all night in his bed.

Feeling: blessed. I have a healthy body and three awesome kids. Lucky me!
^^ Why did we discover legos on the last day of summer? They have been quiet for HOURS! *forehead smack* ^^

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  1. I love your mini-piggies! And I love hearing about how things are. I thought my life would be harder once the kids went back to school with all the driving and homework but it's SUCH a nice break during the day. You'll love it.