Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter ... a success story

Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays.
Other than my complete disdain for egg dyeing (why is this a thing?), it is a celebration that I really enjoy.
It is a good time to reflect on our Savior and His resurrection, and it is a good time to count our many blessings.
Because of His sacrifice, I can live a fulfilling, happy life.
If I take advantage of His atonement, I can make wrong things right.
I can choose to believe that if He loved me enough to die for me, He loves me enough to stand by me when things aren't unfolding the way I had planned.
I think that if I work hard, try to make good decisions, and remain receptive to any inspiration I might be privy to, I will be guided in the direction that will bring my family the most peace.
That doesn't mean the road to the aforementioned peace will be easy.
In fact, right now I can't even see the road but I am sure I will stumble upon it eventually.
So with great effort to be a real mother, I started preparing for Easter weeks early.
I am not typically one of those moms.
You know, the ones that plan well in advance, have all their custom ordered paper goods and d├ęcor from Etsy waiting in the wings while they execute a flawless holiday extravaganza, all while in color-coordinated party clothes.
I think we all feel we should be that mom.
And some of you are, because you are rock stars and have your shite together.
My kids are lucky to get an improvised celebration most of the time.
I don't know why. It isn't a secret that I have never really gone balls to the walls with any festivities.
Maybe I am just a lazy kind of party gal.
But not yesterday.
Yesterday I was ON IT.
Saturday night I hid the eggs, stuffed the baskets full of thoughtful, non-candy items, had breakfast prepped, had a small "spiritual" message prepared, and all the new/thrifted easter clothes were pressed and laid out. #parentingwin
And then on Sunday morning, the kids got up at the buttcrack of dawn, woke everyone up screaming about their presents, fought over all the eggs I had so cleverly hidden, turned my devotional into a brawl, and refused to eat my fruit salad. With marshmallows.
It was so rewarding.
Anyway, I patted myself on the back for trying to create memories and got everyone ready for church.
After our meetings, we headed to my sister's beautiful new house in Cottage Grove.
I helped, and by helped I mean hindered, my sister's efforts to pull a delicious dinner together.
She is an amazing cook. And my best friend.
And she is an amazing hostess. (And she caters)
She had hand-stamped place cards, little treats by each plate, and a "better-than-sex" cake all ready.
It was delightful. It always is.
Her home is so cozy and clean and bright and home-y.
So naturally as soon as we left and I was driving away, I started crying.
I was crying because I wanted my own home.
And to have my little family host a party.
Even though I am terrible at party planning, as mentioned above.
Did I ever tell you Scott and I were building a house?
It was a beautiful house. Big and new and right down the street from my sister.
I got to pick out everything. The flooring, the paint colors, the countertops.
It was my most prolonged dream come true.
I haven't seen it since it's completion because I don't want to.
I believe it was never going to be ours. I also believe no one goes before their time.
Scott's time was Jan. 31, 2014. So the house (slatted to be finished in March) was never really going to belong to me.
I have to think about things that way.
How else can you move forward, when you are thinking about the way things were "supposed" to be?
They are as they are supposed to be.
Anyhoo, I wiped my tears and cranked up the tunes and by the time I got to my parent's house I was fine.
It think it was a success overall.
And I even have photographic evidence that I am morphing into Conan O'Brien. Awesome.

^^ So pretty. And really grumpy. But at
least for the pictures she turned on the charm ^^
^^ Here we practiced sitting "like a lady." ^^

^^ It went from baby-model ... ^^
^^ ... to this. ^^

^^ And from normal ... ^^
^^ ... to mini-Scott. ^^

^^ Micah's smile ... lovely. ^^
^^ WHAT is going on with my hair?
#Conanwannabe ^^
^^ My cute family. ^^


  1. If you're gonna morph into anyone, Conan is a pretty cool dude for it to be. I'm glad you rocked Easter & allowed yourself to break down a little too. Your family is adorable & I'm really happy I get to follow along with you guys in this stalker-esque way :)

  2. Micah was rocking the bow tie in Nursery! I told him multiple times how adorable he looked :)

  3. Total parenting wins! You are a rock star! To be honest, the only reason I try so hard with holidays and birthdays is because my parents were negligent and hardly celebrated holidays at all so I want it to be different for my kids. We did not dye eggs and our kids didn't think a thing of it. I'm hoping they just forget that it ever existed! I didn't know you were building a house! And down the street from your sister?! So heartbreaking. I am inspired by your amazing perspective.

  4. Hey YOU! We need to hang out! Plus, let's be REALZZY you're awesome and I'm hoping some of it rubs off on me! Let's grab dessert next Thursday?! You in town?

  5. Your kids are so beautiful! I LOVE these pictures of them. That one of Ezzy with the Scott face...haha! Adorable! He does look so much like Scott. You look amazing yourself! :) Happy Easter!!

  6. The pictures look so good and bright. I love you so much and I am so grateful that we can spend holidays together. While you and Scoot were in Portland at school, I always dreamed about having our holidays together. Every holiday. And now we can!! You don't know how happy being in the kitchen with you makes me. I love it and I never want it to change. You are awesome and the best mom and your adorable children are the luckiest because they have you. I love you!