Monday, April 28, 2014

Your anthem

So I was watching a movie last night, all by my lonesy.
Maybe because it is the kind of movie you watch in secrecy.
Not that my taste in cinema is juvenile, but my taste in cinema is completely juvenile.
In fact, it is a safe bet that if a movie's target audience is the teenage demographic, than I will like it.
Anyway, what am I saying? this is a movie everyone should watch if only for the self-empowering anthem in the middle.
I am talking about the movie Burlesque.
You haven't seen it? Then you haven't lived.
So the song in the middle is sung by Cher because no self-respecting anthem can be sung by anyone else and take themselves seriously.
It is called the "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me."
And yes I am going to make you listen to it.
Because after it is over you will feel passionate about your life again.
You will attack your struggles with vigor.
You will be ready to punch your fears in the face.
I know personally, I am doing a victory lap right now fist-pumping the air.
Everyone wants to start their week off on the right foot.
 ^^ ^^
Sometimes, when I am feeling down, I just need a little boost.
I did also listen to this and it was a little more spiritually uplifting.
I say listen to them both.
You are strong.
And you are welcome.

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