Saturday, April 12, 2014

How an oral surgeon is a little like God

Yesterday, during a bout of drug-induced delirium, I drafted a post.
It was an analogy about how getting your wisdom teeth pulled is a lot like losing a loved one to death.
Because they are the same, right?
Anyway, I will share it with you because Scott loved himself a good analogy.
Every time we would get into an argument a discussion, he would pull some analogy out of his butt and drone on and on about how our situation was like ... fill in the blank.
It would naturally make me more livid.
Because the last thing I want to hear whilst fighting having a dialogue is an analogy.
Despite that fun memory, I am going to tell you why they are similar.
In this parallel, the oral surgeon (who was the friendliest, stout man-pixie) is being likened to our Heavenly Father.
He can see the big picture and why this procedure/experience is necessary.
He can see what is good for your overall health, spiritual or physical.
And even though he might be taking something away you deem to be vital, really it is opening up room for less pain/more blessings down the road.
Ironically, I got my teeth pulled in two different sessions.
The pain and recovery had to be endured twice, but the second time I was more prepared for the incident.
Kinda like losing both my mom and my Scott.
Even though both experiences hurt just as much, my recovery is going smoother and quicker because I know that time will heal and everything will be okay.
I will still be missing a piece of myself, but my body will rebuild itself in a place where there was a fresh hole.
I am also a little older than the first time something close to me was taken.
I have matured a little and learned a little more about myself and how to deal with loss/pain.
And a final similarity would have to be that my face looks like a punching bag following both the surgery and the passing of my family members.
Ezra told me today, "Mom your face looks fat, but not that fat because it is unkind to call people fat."
Yes, yes it is.
Yesterday, per my recovery instructions I pressed two bags of frozen peas to my face and had Heather saran wrap them to my head.
It was pretty.
And yes, I forbade a picture to be taken to document the occasion.
However, if you would like to see something fantastic that will make you really happy, check out this video:

My sister introduced it to me and then against my better judgment I watched it shortly after coming home from the doctor's office.
My face hurt so bad from laughing.
It is also a little sad.
In a good way.
Poor Alex.

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  1. You are such a rock star. I do, however, wish there was a picture of your head saran wrapped with peas :)

    Also, Michael and I are just going to rent a house in Boise for a year or so before we buy. Does your real estate friend deal with rentals? Love you!