Friday, April 4, 2014


^^ The life of a princess is hard. ^^
Roller derby has proved to be a fairly good distraction from my self-pity.
All the ladies are super supportive and want everyone to succeed.
I always come home feeling empowered and bruised.
I read an interview in a very cultured and important magazine called Glamour about Lena Dunham.
Do you know who she is?
Apparently she is a talented young writer/director/star of the show Girls.
I have never seen the show.
It is on HBO, which means that it is probably racy too mature for my delicate virtue.
That or my dad doesn't believe in television.
Anyway, in the article she talks about how nobody's life is made worse by anybody else succeeding.
Meaning one's opportunities to succeed are not contingent on whether or not others fail or flourish.
We can all triumph. In different ways, in different arenas.
We should all be supportive, empathetic, and encouraging.
I want others to be happy.
Life is not a competition and comparing myself to others is not healthy or advantageous.
Just because I see on Facebook that someone is really "struggling" in their life because their brand-new McMansion has yet to be completed and they are renting, and their rental has mice, I should not roll my eyes into the back of my head and mutter berating and sarcastic remarks about how "hard" their lives are.
I should just realize that their perspective and life experiences or lack thereof put them in a position of discomfort and that their trials are not my trials.
And then I block them from my feed.
Because ain't nobody want to hear all that whining.
It will not always be my turn to be hurting.
Everyone has their challenges and a lot of those hardships are suffered behind closed doors.
So who am I to suggest that my life sucks the most.
Even though it does.
But it won't .... eventually.
Which is what I tell myself every morning.

^^ Already has another one growing in. Like a shark.
Seriously look at her top teeth! So small. ^^
In the mean time, I yanked out Ryan's first tooth yesterday.
It was very dramatic.
There was a lot of pre-yank crying.
But once I wrenched it out, as fast as greased lightening, she was all smiles and showing everyone her miniature baby tooth.
It is the smallest tooth on the planet.
Probably ever, in all mankind.
I could barely grip it.

^^ There are no words. ^^
And then there is Ezra.
He insists I draw a mustache on his face every day.
And then goes to school.
Looking like Captain Hook.

That's all I got.


  1. Loved seeing pictures of your kiddos. Really great post. I too get sick of whiners on FB. I am working on not becoming one of those. I have been loosing way more hair from my last pregnancy and thought I would post that on Facebook. Well one of my friends is going through chemo and loosing all of her hair. I then realized how grateful I am that I still have most of my hair. Your writing is beautiful. You are very talented at it. I miss you a bunch.

  2. When I was pregnant with Noah and getting divorced working at a salon and all the girls would be like, "I need a vacation so bad." I'd want to punch them in the face. You are nailing it with your perspective and with your blogging. I love reading it. Ezra's mustache is hilarious :)

  3. I love your kids. They all seem to have a spunk to life and have an awesome Mom to learn it from :)