Monday, April 7, 2014

There is good

I received a letter today.
Two actually.
I have received a lot of sweet letters over the past months.
The first one was from a woman I have never met.
This isn't the first one sent to me from someone I don't know personally.
However, it takes me by surprise each time.
What kind of person writes a touching, personal letter, including a check to a stranger?
The kind of person I want to be, that's who.
I opened the unfamiliar letter first and burst into tears.
She was a friend of a friend, just writing to tell me that she had been thinking of me and my kids.
Praying for us.
Sometimes I think it is the prayers of others that is the only thing buoying me up.
I wish there were some way to hug every single individual that has reached out to me.
Hug them tight and tell them how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness.
How each note made me feel loved and special.
And how it made me feel that there is a lot of rad people out there and this world isn't all bad the way we tend to think it is.
Good is out there, all around, often in quiet and unassuming ways.

^^ I took this last week. Dr. Brist asked if I minded if they left up the
sign until they brought on another doctor. I don't mind.^^
I have been sent blankets, money, chocolate, prezzies for my kids, and cards filled with the most kind sentiments.I bawl over every single one.
Bawling happens a lot around here.
So after that happened I opened the other letter.
It was from Scott's former employer, Dr. Brist, at EyeCare Focus here in Eugene.
He truly is the sweetest man and was very enthusiastic to have Scott join their optometry family.
Plus he is tiny and cute and looks a little like an elf.
Anyway, he was writing about some optometric equipment that belonged to Scott.
But it was the paper the note was written on that sent me over the emotional edge.
It was written on the office letterhead.
Dr. Scott Pitts, Optometric Physician was printed neatly alongside his colleagues.
Just seeing his name on top of the office stationary upset me.
Mostly because they were so invested in him as a member of their practice.
They had the stationary printed right away, hung his name outside the building, and welcomed him with open arms.
They felt that he would be a permanent fixture there for years to come and were so confident in his skills and talents.
I guess the idea of our dreams unrealized was what made me sad.
That and the thought of all that effort and hard work he put forth only to utilize it for such a short period of time.
I am just sad a lot.
But every day it gets a little bit better.
Sometimes it feels as if he has been gone a very long time and other times it feels as if he has only just left.
But instead of ending on a very somber note I will share with you something awesome.
It makes me happy and is incredible.
And I only just discovered it and am probably the last person on earth who hadn't heard of this group.
If you have, you will have in indication of how lame and out of the loop I am.
If not, you are not lame and out of the loop.
Then watch all their other songs.
Because that is what I did.
For like an hour with my eyeballs glued to the screen.
Happy Monday.

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